What is the top 9 of employee requests to IT managers?

November 27, 2023
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What is the top 9 of employee requests to IT managers?

Streamlining and enhancing the management of employee requests is a critical undertaking for IT managers aiming to optimize operational efficiency. Despite being a resource-intensive process, neglecting or deprioritizing it is not an option. Establishing an efficient IT request management system is paramount for cultivating engaged and knowledgeable teams, ultimately contributing to a secure, productive and engaging workspace. Conversely, mishandling these requests can result in elevated disgruntled employees, and increased long-term costs for your organization.

Although the prioritization and sequence of employee requests may vary based on industry, company dynamics, and individual scenarios, acknowledging and addressing these nine common requests can be pivotal for IT managers overseeing the enhancement of employee request management processes.

Technical Support and Troubleshooting

Employees frequently require assistance with computer hardware, software issues, network connectivity problems, or other technical difficulties they encounter during their work.

Software and Application Support

Employees may request support for specific software applications, such as productivity tools, project management software, or industry-specific software they utilize for their job responsibilities.

Equipment and Device Requests

Employees may need new computer equipment, peripherals (e.g., printers, scanners), mobile devices, or accessories to perform their work effectively. They may request upgrades, replacements, or additional devices as required.

System Access and Permissions

Employees often approach IT managers to request access to specific systems, databases, or applications relevant to their job roles. They may also require modifications to their user permissions.

Data and File Management

Employees may need guidance on data storage and organization, file backup procedures, or assistance in retrieving lost or corrupted files.

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

Employees may seek advice or request assistance from IT managers to address concerns related to cybersecurity threats, phishing attempts, suspicious emails, or data privacy issues.

Collaboration Tools and Communication Systems

Employees may request support for communication tools like email, instant messaging, video conferencing, or collaboration platforms such as project management tools or shared document repositories.

Training and Education

Employees may request IT training sessions or workshops to enhance their technical skills, learn about new software or tools, or receive cybersecurity awareness training.

Technology Upgrades and Innovations

Employees may approach IT managers with suggestions for technology upgrades, new software or tools that can improve their productivity, or recommendations for process automation.

It's important to note that the requests may vary based on the organization's industry, technological infrastructure, and the specific needs and requirements of its employees.

Streamlining all these requests

Now you’ve got the list of common employee requests, it's time to start putting them into practice and work on your IT support approach. But fear not—we’re still here to lend a hand. To help kick-start your journey, we’ve built a fast, reliable, secured internal help desk. 

Connected to your existing communication channels like Slack, Microsoft Teams or emails, you will be able to receive these requests in one place, organize them, prioritize them, automate repetitive answers and understand employee needs. 

By implementing a platform you will take time to prioritize the management of these requests based on data. Logging employees request help for compliance, for continuous improvement of your policies, to design an experience around your employee needs. With Siit, you can become proactive on employee requests.

Ready to take your IT support to the next level? Try Siit today to unlock efficiency.

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