Organise and automate all of your internal requests on one intuitive helpdesk

Slack-first ticketing for modern teams

It enables you to submit requests to teams such as HR, IT, Office, Ops & Finance, to add additional information to your requests and keeps you up-to-date about your requests without leaving Slack.

Submit a new request by...
• Mentioning @Siit in a message in a public channel
• Writing a direct message to Siit
• Using Actions in a private message or private channel

Add information to an existing request
Ask a question or follow-up on an existing request by simply sending a message to the request thread that Siit created for you.

Stay up-to-date about your requests
Siit will keep you up-to-date about all important changes and updates to your requests by sending messages to the thread linked to your request. You can also see the request status overview by clicking on the title of the request.

AI Assist
Siit AI, powered by GPT-4, instantly answers all employees questions based on your internal knowledge bases, Notion and Confluence, directly in Slack. This is a revolution in your employee experience.

Connecting Siit to Slack

We will start the process in Siit, so log in to your Siit account first. Then go into the Apps & Integrations section through the settings menu.

This will bring you to an overview of available integrations, where you start the Slack authorization process by selecting Connect in the Slack App.

Authorizing Siit for Slack

💁🏻‍♀️ Before you proceed, you need to be logged into the right Slack workspace!

  • If you are not logged in at all and you see the Slack login screen, log in to Slack first and then start the process from Siit again.
  • If you're logged in to multiple Slack workspaces you can always switch using the button in the top right corner.

You should now see a screen with your own company name.

Finishing installation

After authorizing the installation you will be redirected back to Siit, and you're all set. We will also send you a message on Slack directly to introduce ourselves and help you get started creating requests through Siit.

If you run into any issues, feel free to reach out and we'll make sure to sort it out for you.

⚠️ Disclaimer:
- Our AI assistant might generate inaccurate response on rare occasions
- Please note that threaded message in which our bot is participating will be shared with our web-app
- Admin can also link their own Slack in which case Siit will then post on behalf of those users for specific communications

App Details

Siit allows you to submit requests to various teams including HR, IT, Office, Ops, and Finance. It also enables you to provide additional information to your requests and keeps you updated on their status without ever having to leave Slack.

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