Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams

Conversational ticketing for Microsoft Teams

Create, manage, and report on tickets with a help desk built directly in Teams.

Streamline your help desk operations seamlessly within Microsoft Teams. Siit empowers you to effortlessly manage requests, assignments, routing, prioritization, and reporting – all from your ongoing conversations.

By meeting your team where they already collaborate, seeking assistance becomes as simple as asking for it, saving valuable time for both administrators and requesters.

🚀 Create: Instantly transform any message into a traceable ticket through message actions, eliminating context-switching and manual request capture.

🤖 Automate: Design routing processes with our robust workflow engine to enhance efficiency.

🔖 Categorize: Craft personalized forms to capture essential context, reducing unnecessary back-and-forth communication.

📊 Report: Enhance transparency with comprehensive metrics covering volume, resolution times, SLAs, and more. Acknowledge your team's contributions and assess resource requirements.

🔗 Integrate: Employ Siit as a lightweight ticketing system or seamlessly connect with your existing ITSM or help desk tool (e.g., Jira, Zendesk), as well as your HRIS, ensuring a holistic view of employee interactions.

Experience a new era of help desk management – effortless, integrated, and efficient. Elevate your productivity with Siit's Microsoft Teams integration today!

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Microsoft Teams

Create, manage, and report on tickets with a help desk built directly in Teams.

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