Business Automation


Simple and intuitive solution to build your internal processes. Remove manual work and reduce human errors to focus on employee experience. Build agile company services which scale from request to resolution.

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Business Automation
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Deliver satisfying employee experiences and aim for operational excellence

Support end‑to‑end process automations

Modernize legacy processes and build agility for processes with no‑code workflow editor. Speed up actions with native integrations with your systems of record. Decrease errors and create a consistent employee experience.

Leverage information from your existing systems of record

Get manager approval, when required

Define company policies and alerts

Remain engaging and human

Every process starts with an employee request. Leverage the power of conversational AI and ticketing to speed up operation and maximize efficiency.

Multi-channel messaging: email, Slack, Teams and more

Guide employees to the right process with AI

Build a one-stop-shop employee portal

Transform your business

Audit and understand business processes across all systems, standardize and harmonize where needed. Continually monitor and improve to build efficient and agile process that people love.

Monitor level of requests per service, team and department

Measure employee satisfaction (ESAT) score

Monitor Service-Level Agreement (SLA) levels

Empower all teams with Siit


App requests

Equipement requests



Hiring and onboarding

Certificate requests

Benefits registration


Deal Desk

Battle cards

Compensation errors


General maintenance

Event services

Visitor policy


Vendor/PO approval

Budgeting and planning

Expense management


Bug reports

Feature requests

CX escalation


Contract management

Risk review

Equity policy


Content approvals

Collateral requests

Campaign reviews

Customer Success

Customer onboarding

Refund approvals

Escalation requests

Your employee experience exists whether you strategically craft it or not.

We help you make it yours.
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