With Siit's end-to-end approach to data security, privacy, control, and security infrastructure, your data is safe. Your company can provide an employee experience while respecting compliance and individual data of your employee with confidence.

Infrastructure Security

Hosted on a leading cloud infrastructure provider (AWS)
Network and perimeter protection

Customer Data Protection

Logical Tenant Separation
Encryption In-Transit (TLS 1.2, TLS 1.3)
Encryption At-Rest (AES-256)

Application Protection

Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protections
Regular Vulnerability scanning
Annual Penetration Testing

Organizational Security

Security Education & Awareness Training
Incident Monitoring
Vendor Risk Management

Compliance & Privacy

SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance
GDPR Compliance
Secure by Design

Siit is implementating high standards of security, not only by compliance and regulatory requirements, but also to safeguard customer data and to maintain customer trust. We are passionate about defining new security controls and continuously refining our existing ones.

Privacy & Protection

Siit works hard to maintain the privacy of data you entrust with us. Data you store in Siit products is yours. We never share your data across customers and never sell it.

Compliance with Confidence

It is more important than ever that your teams be mindful of data privacy. Siit is developing features to allow companies to respect individual data of their employees.

Your employee experience exists whether you strategically craft it or not. We help you make it yours.

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