Modern Employee Portal

Build a modern, unified and personalized employee portal. Communicate, promote services and support employees your way.

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Modern Employee Portal Solution
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Boost employee engagement and productivity

Unify the employee experience

Allow employee to self-serve and navigate company services with a consumer-grade experience. No employee training required, it is build for everyone.

No-code and branded one-stop-shop employee portal

Multi-channel messaging: portal, email, Slack, Teams, and more

Universal and integrated search

Drive faster resolution

Resolve employee requests quickly thanks to advanced AI capabilities and preconfigured workflows. Leverage your existing resources (knowledge, policies, articles, ...) to automatically deliver the right resources to your employees every time and solve issues in seconds.

One place to go for every issue: IT, HR, Operations, Finance, Facilities

Find the right answer from across all knowledge bases

Prioritize and route to the right person for faster resolution

Conduct change with proactive communication

Give employee the support they need, before they need it. Onboard, educate, and notify your employees with in-context, automated messages - cutting support volume, drive change and keeping employees happy.

Notify and reach employees with a various message types

Create targeted message sequences

Optimize support journeys and internal communications with insights

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Slack Bot

Catch employee requests directly from Slack.

Teams Bot

Receive employee requests directly from Microsoft Teams.


Modern employee portal to unify the company experience.

Universal Search

Search and find anything, in all your tools.


Native and powerful org chart you can customize to your company.

App Library

Native and powerful AppStore you can customize to your company.

Service Catalog

Build a list of all services provided by your team.

Dynamic targeting

Reach and target employees by filtering on people data.

Dynamic content

Always personnalize content and messages with people data.

Your employee experience exists whether you strategically craft it or not.

We help you make it yours.
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