Internal help desk for
employee experience

Streamline operations and standardize process. Scale employee support without investing in more ressources. Aim for operational excellence thanks to continuous improvements.

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Internal help desk for employee experience
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Run internal operations smoothly and unify service experience

Resolve requests together

Capture every type of employee request—simple or complex—with employee-first and conversational ticketing. Organize, prioritize and collaborate to deliver request resolution and delightful experience.

Multi-channel messaging: email, Slack, Teams and more

Prioritize and route to the right person for faster resolution

Get visibility on your team work and improve your team reputation

Support end‑to‑end process automations

Build agility for processes and experiences with no‑code workflow editor. Speed up actions with native integrations with your systems of record. Decrease errors and create a consistent employee experience.

Leverage information from your existing systems of record

Get manager approval, when required

Define company policies and alerts

Aim for continuous improvement

Deliver operational dashboards to show efficiencies, with trend analysis to spot bottlenecks and drive improvements.

Monitor level of requests per service, team and department

Measure employee satisfaction (ESAT) score

Monitor Service-Level Agreement (SLA) levels

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Slack Bot

Catch employee requests directly from Slack.

Smart Article suggestions

Let AI suggest the right articles from your knowledge base.


Trigger reviews and validations to progress toward resolution.

Conversation Ratings

Get feedbacks on employee perception of the resolution.

SLA Management

Set goals of resolution for your team requests.


Define automations to standardize processes.


Configure alerts to never miss important deadlines.

Siit Score

Use employee data points to score employee engagement.

Reports & Dashboards

Analyze employee needs with reports and dashboards.

Your employee experience exists whether you strategically craft it or not.

We help you make it yours.
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