Employee Support

Siit technology helps companies provide advanced service management to employees without the admin burden. By giving you key insights into employee behavior, Siit provides you the power to build employee experiences —and get more growth out from them, too.

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Effortless‍ employee support
Effortless‍ employee support

How Siit Works

A simple and effective support process that works for everyone at your company

a simple and effective support process
a simple and effective support process
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Why Admins love Siit

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Stay human

By using a dedicated software, you spend less time configuring and maintaining the tool and more time in building the relationship with your employees. Work on strategy!

Increased efficiency

Empower your internal support teams with AI, automations, and workflows—deflecting more tickets, speeding up resolution times and employee satisfaction.

Simple, intuitive and beautiful

Allow your team to get started quickly or make change with a user friendly and speedy interface.

Why Employees love Siit

It is for everyone

No complicated forms. Not another tool. Interact with employees using natural languages and actions in their favourite communication channels - email, Slack, Microsoft Teams.

for everyone

It is personalized

No more @everyone. Custom and dedicated interactions accross every step of their journey to increase belongings, missions and relationships.

It is convenient

No more red tape. Employee experience is improved by bringing tasks, actions and messages required by your team in their day-to-day.

Your employee experience exists whether you strategically craft it or not.

We help you make it yours.
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