Service Desk Software

No complex or clumsy solution. A modern, intuitive and right-sized solution to manage company services. From IT-services to every team services, provide great employee experience.

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Service Desk Software Solution
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Offer an employee-friendly approach to internal service

A ticketing system loved by employees

Capture every type of employee request—simple or complex—with employee-first and conversational ticketing. Organize, prioritize and collaborate to deliver request resolution and delightful experience.

Painless for the employee with conversational AI

Multi-channel messaging: email, Slack, Teams and more

Get visibility on your team work and improve your team reputation

Maximize service availability

Minimize downtime with the power of automations. Boost employee engagement and productivity by making it easy for employees to navigate complex processes and get the information they need - fast.

Find the right answer from across all knowledge bases

Proactively reach out to employees before issues

Trigger approvals to individuals or groups

Empower all service teams

Break down silos and offer a single entry point for all support and internal requests. IT, HR, Revenue Operations, Facilities, Finance, Legal and more, everyone can collaborate to build a secure, engaging and efficient workplace.

Build a one-stop-shop employee portal

Collaborate while protecting sensitive data

Measure operational efficiency

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Slack Bot

Catch employee requests directly from Slack.

Teams Bot

Receive employee requests directly from Microsoft Teams.


Trigger reviews and validations to progress toward resolution.


Define automations to standardize processes.

SLA Management

Set goals of resolution for your team requests.


Modern employee portal to unify the company experience.

Service Catalog

Build a list of all services provided by your team.

Cross-Department Collaboration

Ensure collaboration and access controls with multiple profiles.

Reports & Dashboards

Analyze employee needs with reports and dashboards.

Your employee experience exists whether you strategically craft it or not.

We help you make it yours.
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