Internal help desk for

Keep track of every employee interactions in one place. Decrease risks by standardizing company processes. Take data-driven decisions in day-to-day work.

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Internal help desk for compliance
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Gain real time visibility and drive strategic results

Maintain compliance

Capture every type of employee request—simple or complex—with employee-first and conversational ticketing. Don't lose information and log every interactions for when you need it.

Retrieve history of every conversations and resolutions

Multi-channel messaging: email, Slack, Teams and more

Painless for the employee

Remove Human Error

Avoid mistakes by automating the right process to every type of requests. Standardize your processes to reduce your operational risk and focus on what matters: the people.

Prioritize and route to the right person for faster resolution

Trigger approvals to individuals or groups

Set automatic reminders for deadlines

Strengthen governance with data

Understand employee requests, identify bottlenecks and continuously improve your team operations. Get visibility on your team work and improve your team reputation.

Deep dive in the volume of requests

Monitor Service-Level Agreement (SLA) levels

Measure employee satisfaction (ESAT) score

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Slack Bot

Catch employee requests directly from Slack.

Teams Bot

Receive employee requests directly from Microsoft Teams.


Trigger reviews and validations to progress toward resolution.

Conversation Ratings

Get feedbacks on employee perception of the resolution.

SLA Management

Set goals of resolution for your team requests.


Define automations to standardize processes.


Configure alerts to never miss important deadlines.

Siit Score

Use employee data points to score employee engagement.

Reports & Dashboards

Analyze employee needs with reports and dashboards.

Your employee experience exists whether you strategically craft it or not.

We help you make it yours.
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