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An employee-centric platform, Siit is breaking down silos and building the future of work.

In a world of accelerating technology, there is an array of tools popping up everyday. Leaders, managers, and employees are lost among them. Companies try to fight it with rules and process and ultimately miss out on maximizing the benefits of the tool and the fun part of human interaction.

Imagine a software where leaders have the best data to make the right decisions. Software that allows managers to align with the same level of information and automate manual tasks. A software where employees will have an experience which respects their own individuality. You dreamt it, Siit is doing it.

Breaking down silos and building the future of workSiit's founders

Anthony Tobelaim

Co-founder & CPO

Chalom Malka

Co-founder & CEO

Dimitri Cabete Jorge

Co-founder & CTO

The founders met at Aircall. As early employees, they had the opportunity to collaborate together despite their different fields.


The company is incorporated and raised a pre-seed round to start the operations.


Release of the beta version early in the year and prepare the acceleration. For the following, stay in touch or come to write it with us.

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