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Employee Help Desk features to support, engage and delight your employees

Get dedicated tools for more satisfying employee experience and building meaningful employee relations.

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Help Desk
Employee Portal

Help Desk

Multi-channel messaging

Respond to and manage all internal ticketing channels — like emails, Slack, or forms — from one place.

Slack Bot

Add a customized support experience in Slack. Gather requests and answer them in the existing workflows of your employees.

Teams Bot

Add a customized support experience in Microsoft Teams. Gather requests and answer them in the existing workflows of your employees.

AI Operator

Use GPT-powered operator to bring assistance to employee - suggest articles, automate level one or help in triage requests. Personalize the bot to your company culture.


Assign a request, leave an explanatory comment and get aligned with permissions roles.

Smart routing rules

Automatically route requests to the right admin based on skills or request sources.


Appeal for approvals or configure approval workflows based on asset criteria and relationships. Collaboratively approve changes by assigning to authority groups.


Scale processes by using easy-to-use, no-code, custom workflows and automations. Ditch manual actions by automating your business processes.

Article Suggestions

Speed up processes resolutions by recommending helpful content from various knowledge bases and sources.

Power Actions

Make rapid actions from apps to avoid extra clicks and steps.

Contextualized view

Get history, insight and all relevant details displayed on the employee your admin is serving to manage powerful conversations.


Categorize and organize requests with customizable labels.

Saved Replies

Respond to common requests with a standard reply. Saved your repetitive answers and build your content on-the-go.

Conversation Ratings

Get feedbacks on employee perception of the resolution.

SLA Management

Set goals of resolution for your team requests.

Smart Article suggestions

Let AI suggest the right articles from your knowledge base.

AI Triage

Route and distribute requests to the right persons automatically.

Service Catalog

Build a list of all services provided by your team.

Cross-Department Collaboration

One platform with multiple profiles to ensure collaboration and access controls.


Outbound Messaging

Send automated messages, from one person to another - by using the preferred employee channels.

Dynamic content

Personalize at scale the content of your messages by using employee data attributes.

Fixed audience targeting

Identify and reach a fixed amount of people. Segment your employees based on lifecycle, role, team, country, office and more employee data.

Dynamic targeting

Identify and reach people who match your rules now and in the future. Set up rules based on lifecycle, role, team, country, office or any employee data.

Onboard & Offboard

Guide employees throught a smooth onboarding & offboarding experiences with actions and to-dos - directly in their favorite communication channels.


Create relevant announcement shared directly in your communication channels so employees can effortlessly find and act on your curated content.

Employee Portal


Provide an entry point for your internal resources for your employee by gathering the knowledge, the tools, the services and any useful resources.

Company Services

Instantly build and deploy new services on the employee portal. Native services and templates are here to help, adapt them to your company needs in simple clicks.

Universal Search

Search across company's content. People, documents, knowledge, policies, process, services, no more switch between applications.

Custom Branding & Design

Craft the employee portal at your image. Fully customizable, you can easily change the domain, apply your branding, colors, fonts and adapt the background.


List the employees of your company. Easily customize which information you want to make available to teammates.

App Library

List all the saas applications used in the company. Decide which applications should be presented to employees.


Reports & Dashboards

Choose among 40+ pre-build reports and 8 dashboards. Instantly get access to main employee KPI.

Advanced Filters

Filter by lifecycle, role, team, country, office and more. Deep dive easily in your employee data.

Siit Score

Use data points from the entire employee journey to score employee engagement.


Active Directory Integrations

Automatically sync your users. Avoid manual configuration and get a clean data.

HRIS Integrations

Automatically sync your employees, avoid manual configuration and get a clean data.

ATS Integrations

Automatically sync your new employees, avoid manual configuration and get a clean data.

Knowledge Base Integrations

Easily import your current articles into Siit.

Ticketing Integrations

Automatically sync your tickets and requests in your systems.

Slack Integration

Automatically sync your Slack users. Avoid manual configuration and get a clean data.

Google Workspace Integration

Automatically sync your Google users and saas using Google SSO. Avoid manual configuration and get a clean data.

Microsoft 360 Integration

Automatically sync your Microsoft users. Avoid manual configuration and get a clean data.

Your employee experience exists whether you strategically craft it or not. We help you make it yours.

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