Human-friendly help desk for effective people teams

Manage employee requests from your existing communication channels. Keep employee requests organized and prioritized to focus on big picture tasks. A better experience for employees and people teams.
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Scale employee support without investing in more resources

Meet employees where they already work

Not another tool added to your employees. Not a complicated form designed for people you don't know. Provide personal resolutions to any request - from simple to complex - with your existing communication channel like Slack, Teams or emails.

A ticketing system that treats employee like people

Reduce frustrations and build trust

Be loved by the employees to make their life easier

Save and value your time

Handle all the employee requests in one centralized space. Organize, prioritize and collaborate to deliver delightful experience at scale, while streamlining high-volume workloads.

Easily onboard and offboard people

Value your team work

Identify new employee needs and policies to implement

We love and use the same tools than you

Leverage the power of advanced technology to automate support and deliver faster. Reduce your team's workload by integrating the tools your are already using.

Access people information with HRIS integration in one-clic

Refers to your existing articles and knowledge base

Contextualize your answer per office or team

Stay on top of security and compliance

Security matters and especially for people data. Avoid expired or duplicated data to always have accurate information. Get a separated tool to handle private and sensitive subjects.

Dedicated place to discuss formal company issues

Eliminate misinformation and costly mistakes

First-grade security and compliance protocols

common questions resolved automatically
employee adoption rate
average employee satisfaction increase

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