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The perfect combination of automation and human support to build employee relationships
The perfect combination of automation and human support to build employee relationships
Dedicated to your internal support teams

Dedicated to your internal support teams

Reduce workload and increase productivity
Make employee happier with instant resolutions
Lower your costs with more efficient internal support

Powering the best internal teams

“ Siit significantly streamlines our employee support processes at Zenchef. Its integration with Slack proves invaluable in simplifying request submissions. “

Loreleï B.

“ By consolidating with a dedicated tool, we have saved money and organised the company operations. Employee are delighted, admins can collaborate, and we are more efficient. “

Photo of Mikael Asseraf
Mikael A.

Frequently asked questions

What is Siit?

Siit provides the power to HR, IT & Operation teams to build meaningful and lasting relationships with their employees.
By providing the first dedicated internal help desk, it is now possible to deliver great employee service experience. Streamline employee requests and manage employee communication through your existing channels (Slack, Microsoft Teams, emails, ...), automate manual work and analyse your actions, Siit helps you taking control of your employee experiences.

What is an internal help desk or internal Service Desk System?

An internal help desk refers to service delivery software used to centralise and solve employee requests. It empowers HR, IT and Operation teams to minimise time spent on low-value, repetitive tasks and make time for what matters – their people.

Why do I need an internal help desk?

With an internal help desk (also called service management software) in place, employees can quickly find the answers they need independently, therefore reducing HR, IT and Operation’s time spent on admin requests, increasing satisfaction and eliminating waiting times. You will be able to create standardised processes for the most common requests, company services and understand new needs.

Why Siit is the best internal help desk?

To ensure your employee have a great experience, you need to provide them with a simple way to handle their requests. We offer you just that and it is integrated with your existing communication channel - email, Slack and Microsoft Teams!

We help reducing employee furstrations by giving you the ability to be reliable and transparent in the resolution, speed it up with automations and get actionable data to ensure that you are on top of employee needs. No complicated forms or another tool for the employee, just one entry point for all their need - like a customer!

Using us, you can least of all be at peace knowing that your entire employee support is handled by the experts in the most secure way.

Is Siit for any companies?

Yes, as long as you have employees, Siit can be used. From SMBs to large company, Siit will help you scale employee support without adding more resources.

Can I try Siit for free?

Yes, we have a free trial so you can try out Siit for free. Start here!

Your employee experience exists whether you strategically craft it or not.

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