Conversational help desk for effective IT teams

Manage employee requests from your existing communication channels. Provide unified employee experiences while keeping efficiency, cost and security under control. Simple for employees and advanced automations for IT teams.
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Scale employee support without investing in more resources

A ticketing system loved by employees

Handle all the employee requests where they already work. Organize, prioritize and collaborate to deliver delightful experience at scale, while streamlining high-volume workloads.

Smoothen operations and improve service quality

Turn down frustrations and build trust

Be loved by the employees to make their life easier

Supercharge your service management

Grow your productivity with advanced workflows to deliver delightful and personalized employee experience at scale. Make sure everyone has answers to solve their problems as fast as possible to speed up your business.

Automate onboarding and offboarding tasks

Request internal validations and approvals easily

Prioritize and route to the right person for faster resolution

Reduce costs and drive efficiency

Help employees find answers fast, on their own language. Provide the best answer based on multiple sources and deliver the answer in a unified employee experience.

Access people information with ATS, HRIS & Active Directories integrations in one-clic

Oversee your assets and control your costs

Visualise, forecast and monitor internal operations

Enable and promote employee self-service

Integrate the tools you are already using to unified data. Avoid mistakes and useless back and forth. Always provide the best personalized answers and continuously improve your service delivery.

Increase usage of company tools

Spread your knowledge from multiple sources

Deliver personalized and intelligent employee communications

common questions resolved automatically
employee adoption rate
average employee satisfaction increase

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