Get context automatically from Rippling

Seamless Integration with Rippling - Elevate Your Support Experience!

Effortlessly access personalized, contextual employee data directly within Siit. Say goodbye to time-consuming context shifts between tools. Enhance internal request resolutions by instantly accessing vital employee information.

💼 Context at Your Fingertips: Siit automatically fetches personalized, accessible employee data, eliminating the need for cumbersome context toggling between platforms.

⚡ Minimize Human Error: Utilize Rippling data to prevent human errors and tool-hopping, ensuring precise and efficient processes.

🚀 Automations Driven by Rippling: A seamless automated onboarding or offboarding experience that minimizes manual work.

🌐 Unified Conversations: Siit centralizes all employee interactions, promoting seamless collaboration and preventing any conversation from slipping through the cracks.

Experience a streamlined support ecosystem through our seamless Rippling integration. Elevate your support game with Siit today!

App Details

Rippling is a human resources information system (HRIS) that bundles a large set of HR features, such as time tracking, payroll processing, employee engagement and employee satisfaction tools, into one system

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