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Seamless Notion Integration - Unleash Your Knowledge Base's Potential!

Empower your employees with easy access to essential information through Siit's seamless integration with your Notion database. Siit utilizes articles and how-tos from your chosen Notion database, delivering instant answers directly in Slack or Microsoft Teams.

🔗 Harness Your Knowledge Base: Let your Notion database work smarter for you, providing quick and accessible information to employees.

📚 Instant Answers: Siit leverages Notion's resources to deliver prompt solutions within Slack or Teams conversations.

🤖 Powered by ChatGPT: Siit's intelligence is bolstered by ChatGPT, one of the most advanced AI models, ensuring coherent and natural responses.

📖 Continuous Learning: Train Siit as you update your Notion documents, ensuring it remains up-to-date and reliable.

🚀 Embeddable: Seamlessly integrate Siit into your existing communication tools, enhancing your workflow within Slack and Microsoft Teams.

💡 Few Use Cases:

  • FAQs: Transform Notion-based FAQs into interactive chat assistants.
  • Internal Documentation: Empower employees to query documents efficiently.
  • Interactive Learning: Convert educational content into engaging chat-based lessons.
  • Onboarding Guides: Aid new employees in understanding your products through interactive conversations.

Experience the true potential of your knowledge base with Siit's Notion integration. Elevate your support game with Siit today!

App Details

Connect your existing Notion database. You decide which Notion pages should serve as answers – we handle the rest.

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