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from Halp to Siit

Siit is a modern help desk system, Slack and Teams-native. Our next-generation conversational support platform includes advanced AI capabilities, workflows, and native integrations. Ensure a smooth transition by replacing your existing system with Siit before June 2024.

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Switch from Halp with confidence

Free & Easy Migration Assistance

Natively built for Slack and Microsoft Teams, your employees won't need any training. Transitioning to Siit is seamless, eliminating any learning curves for your team or requesters. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in a smooth migration and help find the perfect setup.

Core Halp Features

Siit includes all the familiar ticketing features you're used to. Turn any message into a ticket, work in channels and threads, decide if you want to manage tickets on the web dashboard or directly in Slack or Microsoft Teams. Get the core Halp features and more to discover.

AI & Integrations

Ticketing tools, HRIS, ATS, Active Directories, knowledge bases and more. Leverage the power of your current tech stack to enhance your internal support, build automations and workflows. Get access to advanced AI features to simplify your work and offer self-resolution options.

How do the platforms compare?

Information provided by websites & documentation, subject to change

Ticket requests

Microsoft Teams
Turn any message into a ticket (DM, thread, private channel, etc)
Turn inbound messages into tickets automatically
Work in any channel - public or private
Assign multiple queues to one Slack channel
Route requests to different channels dynamically
Show ticket thread in public channels
Private ticketing via DM for sensitive issues
Start tickets from anywhere with a global shortcut
Turn any message into a ticket or suggest a workflow with a click
Start request via Slack App Home
Use emojis to start a ticket

Admin Portal

Manage tickets from central agent portal
Custom Form Fields
Canned replies
Contextualized view
People List
Saas List & Discovery
Equipment List
Reporting & analytics

AI & Automations

Custom multi-step workflows
No-code workflow builder
Custom alerts
Outbound communication
AI articles suggestion
AI Triage


Ticketing Softwares (Jira, Jira SM, Zendesk, Intercom...)
HRIS (BambooHR, Hibob, Workday...)
Active Directories (Google, Okta...)
MDM (Jamf, Intune, ...)
Knowledge Base (Notion, Confluence...)

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