Siit + Okta Integration: Elevate Security and Efficiency for Seamless IT Support

Experience a highly advanced integration with Okta, providing robust features for enhanced security and efficient IT operations within Siit:

🔐 Advanced SSO Handling: Siit seamlessly manages the SAML Single Sign-On process through Okta, ensuring heightened security when connecting to the Admin console.

🔄 Automatic People Data Sync: Effortlessly synchronize your people data from Okta, ensuring that your employee information is always up-to-date and accurate.

🚀 Quick Actions Capability: Siit empowers your IT team with quick actions, allowing them to trigger Okta actions such as adding users to groups, clearing sessions, or resetting multifactor authentication directly from the request conversation.

This advanced Okta integration equips your IT team with the tools needed to provide the best service to all employees, streamlining processes and enhancing security measures. Elevate your IT support game with Siit today!

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Unlock advanced IT support with Siit's seamless Okta integration. From enhanced SAML Single Sign-On to automatic people data sync, empower your team with quick actions and offer the best service to all employees. Elevate security and efficiency today

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