Unleashing the Potential of AI for Instant Knowledge Access

September 12, 2023
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Time to reinvent employee experience and supercharge internal support

In today's fast-paced business environment, knowledge is a key asset. However, traditional knowledge management methods often fall short in providing quick and convenient access to information. 

Let's take a scenario you've certainly experienced: you're in the middle of your working day, running a little late and need immediate access to an article written by the HR department. Or imagine you've got a software problem and are looking for a procedure written by the IT team, or you are looking for urgent sales information to help a customer in difficulty.

You need an immediate response because you don't want to waste time in your already busy day. Still finding the right information often involves a complicated and time-consuming process: Navigating through your multiple knowledge bases, between Google Drive and SharePoint, , looking into your personal resources on Notion as perhaps you do have put some notes about your issue, having a look into your mailbox as you remember having received information about this issue last month…

This difficulty comes from the fact that content creators build the knowledge base based on their own way of thinking, which most of the time is not the one of the employee. So except for him, arborescence is not that obvious, and looking into the knowledge base when you don’t really know where to find the information is not the most efficient way to proceed.

So sometimes, you will prefer to ask your manager, a colleague, or the app owner, but what if he is not available or does not have the expected answer. 

Important to note that companies are using about 130 SaaS applications on average - (BetterCloud, State of SaaS Ops 2023) -, and employees are using about 25 SaaS applications, so you can imagine the number of SaaS IT requests created on a daily basis and how difficult this can be to find contact the right person to contact when the issue happens. 

Put simply in 2023’s companies, knowledge bases used to be multiple because it is specialized per team.  

That’s exactly in this context that AI can revolutionize the way you work and improve your service desk operations. By leveraging the power of your knowledge base, AI can be the perfect way to retrieve accurate information, provide instant answers to employees, streamline workflows and accelerate your company’s productivity.

Let’s deep dive into the different advantages offered by AI when connected to your knowledge base and how you can put that in place. 

Unlocking the Power of AI for Knowledge Management

AI with the power offered by GPT-4 and your knowledge base, can allow you to comprehend and interact naturally with human language but for company matters. Answering instant employees questions is now achievable by prompting only into your company knowledge bases. 

In the same way as Chat GPT, an AI assistant powered by GPT-4 could look into your internal resources and give a contextualized and conversational answer to employees. This streamlined process is a revolution in your employee experience and enables them to quickly access precise information within seconds.

Instantaneous Information Retrieval

GPT and OpenAI models pave the way to excel in quickly retrieving specific information from your organization's knowledge base. Employees can engage in natural language conversations with the interface, asking questions just as they would with a colleague. The AI's advanced algorithms identify the most relevant information from various sources in your knowledge base. This translates into rapid responses that empower employees to make informed decisions without unnecessary delays or even redirect them to the right article to approve the answer provided by the bot.
Let’s consider a concrete example: you need to reset your password on Google, but don’t remember the procedure. Rather than sending a confused message on a Slack channel, imagine asking a bot directly “Hi, How do I reset my Google password ?” and having a straight-forward answer detailing the right process validated by the IT team, and suggesting the right article that it found on Confluence. That’s exactly what you can expect now with AI!

User-Friendly Interface for Seamless Adoption

Plugging GPT-4 into your existing communication channels (Slack, Teams…) can be a game changer, promoting employee adoption and offering a user-friendly interface. 

In fact, in doing so, it goes beyond the realm of traditional AI assistants, as it is designed to be directly into your daily employee life, making it an integral part of the tools your employees are already familiar with. 

By making this junction, it is catering to users of varying tech-savviness, making it accessible to everyone. Its intuitive nature and human approach allows employees to quickly adapt to the AI-powered assistance and incorporate it into their daily workflow. It ensures that instant access to information is seamlessly embedded into their daily communication channels.

A Seamless Experience: Beyond Instant Answers

To deliver a seamless experience, you have to think of the extra-mile: what happened when the AI assistant encounters an employee request that lacks an existing article in the knowledge base?

Beyond leveraging your knowledge base with AI and directly into your communication channels, you have to support employees and bridge the gap with your AI assistant that can’t always have the right answer.

That’s why it is important to build connections with your existing help desk to generate requests to the appropriate internal agents or experts when it is needed (between IT, HR, Revenue Ops, Legal or Finance teams). This transparent and straightforward process accelerates issue resolution, promotes efficiency, and ensures a seamless experience for both employees and internal support teams.

In a nutshell, you can go beyond providing instant answers. Merging your AI assistant with your help desk serves as a bridge between employees seeking information and the experts who can address their queries. This integration of AI assistance and human expertise creates a harmonious workflow, allowing the organization to tap into its collective knowledge swiftly and effectively.

Elevating Efficiency Through Analytics

By proceeding this way with a global mesh, you can benefit from advanced analytics capabilities. By analyzing employee queries, AI assistant relevancy and usage patterns, it will help your organization identify trends and recurring topics. This information enables the continuous enhancement of the knowledge base, ensuring that policies and procedures remain up-to-date and aligned with employee needs. This proactive approach to knowledge management enhances the overall accuracy and relevance of the information available.

As organizations strive to optimize productivity and empower their workforce, the role of AI in knowledge management becomes increasingly crucial. Open AI and GPT-4 serve as a pivotal tool in this journey, helping enterprises leverage their internal knowledge base to its fullest potential. From now on, information is no longer a barrier – it's a catalyst for growth, efficiency, and exceptional employee experiences.

Unlock the potential of your knowledge base thanks to your Siit AI assistant

At Siit, we worked hard to offer you the best-in class conversational AI assistant to revolutionize internal knowledge access and internal support systems. By enabling seamless integration with several knowledge bases at the same time (eg. Notion, Confluence, Google Drive…), it ensures Siit AI access to up-to-date information for instant and accurate responses. 

Customizable in personality and company branding, Siit AI assistant engages users in a relatable way by being directly into Slack and Teams. By becoming an integral part of your employees' daily interactions, Siit AI ensures maximum adoption and utilization and improves your team’s productivity and empowers employees to swiftly retrieve information without disrupting their workflow. 

Beyond the AI assistant part, Siit serves as an internal help desk, efficiently streamlining and assigning queries to the right individuals or teams. This comprehensive approach ensures that every employee's question receives the attention it deserves, further enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your support system.

Siit AI doesn't stop at handling internal requests – it provides advanced analytics. Its analytics capabilities offer insights into interactions and requests patterns, guiding knowledge base improvements. This data-driven approach enhances the accuracy and relevance of the information available, contributing to a more efficient and informed work environment.

Incorporating Siit AI into your knowledge management strategy signifies more than just technology adoption; it's a commitment to elevating your internal support systems and enriching employee experiences. With Siit AI, you're not only tapping into the power of AI but also harnessing a comprehensive solution that transforms the way your organization engages with knowledge and support.

Want to leverage the full power of your knowledge base? You can immediately experience the Siit AI assistant and accelerate your teams’ productivity with a single click here.

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