Siit is Launching 🎉

January 17, 2023
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Siit is Launching

Paris, September 15th, 2022 - After eight months of research and development, Siit is pleased to announce the official launch of their product! The company’s mission is to assist startups and SMBs to deliver a holistic service experience to employees by providing a modern, streamlined, and effortless employee portal.

Siit began operations in January 2022 when the project emerged from former employees of the French centaur Aircall, a cloud-based phone system for the modern business. Dimitri Jorge Cabete, Anthony Tobelaim and Chalom Malka were able to experience the pain points of hypergrowth, employee experience, and an overhaul of tooling in their roles which led them to cofound Siit.

By researching internal operations of an array of startups and SMBs, they found that these companies were struggling to further support and engage their employees. The War for Talent and The Great Resignation are the result of decades of focus on growth no matter the cost, but the reality is that employees need to be productive and engaged in their work today. At the heart of any company’s culture is human interaction, and in this thirst for success and expansion, we have forgotten that employees are firstly individuals that desire human interaction. They need to feel heard, valued, rewarded, and to grow both personally and professionally. They are looking for meaning. Until now, the answer has been fragmented actions within 100+ applications skewed across an organization.

That’s where Siit comes in. The vision is to provide the power to HR & IT teams to build meaningful and lasting relationships with their employees.

Now after eight intense months, the team has developed a first version of the product which has already been tested by 50+ companies and hundreds of employees across Europe. At the core is an employee portal that easily integrates any enterprise-level product with security SOC 2 Type 2 certification and nextgen employee experience features.

An Employee Portal for Startups and SMBs

The employee portal is a single entry point in the digital employee experience of your company. For companies who suffer from the usual challenge of having a plethora of different applications with employees spread across the globe, this is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Company Services - Services to Support your Employees

From knowledge, to perks and payroll, the applications a company chose to use play a huge role in the digital employee experience. Siit provides incredible features that gives businesses the power to customize their unique experience through establishing their own employee portal.  With capabilities as simple as adopting to your brand, to more advanced needs like a company services directory, maintaining vacation requests, managing payroll, allocating meal vouchers, equity, travel bookings, and providing an application library. This single point of access guarantees a smooth and logical experience that gives meaning to work through its simplicity.

Companies can provide their employees with the same modern experiences they have at the office or at home.

Audience - Personalization to Engage your Employees

Naturally, companies are made of a variation of different types of people with different preferences and every personality needs to be taken into consideration in their experience. Siit allows design and customization of any initiative to the right audience. By lifecycle, role, team, country, office and more. Each employee persona will be able to feel like they are truly cared for through this tailor-made platform.

Employee 360 - People Analytics to Retain Your Employees

An important factor in today’s world is being able to showcase the fruits of our labor in maintaining a tool like this. As we’ve seen our macro environment shifting and demands changing, Siit has ensured the possibility to integrate with HRIS and IT systems are at the forefront of the experience through centralizing employee profiles and measuring what matters. Understanding the workforce allows us to set goals, improve operations and the quality of employee services, accelerate onboarding, further develop talent, attract more diverse profiles, and create a pool of future managers. These business challenges can be addressed by crossing the data and filtering the workforce to make the most strategic decisions and take action on targeted initiatives.

This is just the beginning of the revolution. There are many missing features for companies when it comes to building internal human relations at scale and Siit’s ambition is to revolutionize the employee experience, knowledge, internal communication, and workflows.

Employee-facing teams of startups and SMBs need to stop hijacking unsuitable and unintegrated software to fulfill their employee needs and start to properly equip them with the right tools. Siit is committed to developing features to serve internal needs of people-centric companies to solve once and for all the struggle of employee engagement.

With the first product release, Siit is currently offering instant employee portal creation. Secured by design that provides ready-to-use templates and more than 45+ integrations. Pricing starts at just €45 per admin and €5 per employee.

Ready to build the future of work?

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