Siit closed pre-seed round to tackle Employee Experience

March 31, 2022
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Siit closed pre-seed round to tackle Employee Experience

Paris, March 10th, 2022 - Three former Aircall employees teamed up to build a B2B Saas company. It is time to reunite people and companies together. Siit is officially up and running!

Siit believes in the personalization of the employee experience to augment employee engagement. In order to provide employer insights, Siit is developing a platform that gathers and consolidates the data which will help show a complete vision of every employee's journey.

With the acceleration of The War for Talent and The Great Resignation, companies are challenged with new issues; hiring and retaining their talent. In addition to these challenges, businesses are also finding ways to overcome a new workforce of millennials that quickly become restless in their jobs. In a recent study, 81% of employees said they would consider leaving today if the right place called them. Employees are showing their power in today’s market by valuing and demanding trust, fairness, transparency, inclusion, and empathetic and responsible employers.

In today’s world, perks and benefits are simply not enough. Companies are trying to bridge this gap by increasing wages and by offering more perks and benefits, hoping it will make employees happier and make them stay longer. But, employees' concerns and employer expectations are set apart. Of course, lockdowns and remote policies didn’t help as they accelerated the communication gaps by creating silos and complications in obtaining direct feedback on employee satisfaction. Companies demanding physical attendance and positive eNPS scores are failing to adapt to an ever-changing market new era of the workplace.

Helping companies understand employee expectations

Employee engagement is not the sole factor to consider when developing the employee experience, and this is not a short-term solution. Companies today need to focus on the whole employee experience as a long-term solution. Knowing the profile, the feel, and the interactions of the employee are key. It will allow companies to shape an employee-centric culture and motivate experiences that strengthen performance at the individual, team, and company levels. This is the future of work!

Creating a positive work environment and culture will engage employees and engaged workforces are achieving over 4x higher revenue growth and increased profitability by 21%. In order to do so, companies need to cross-sync information regarding their employees to better understand them. The experience is the balance of expectations, needs, and wants of employees and companies and is the ultimate sum of the cultural environment, technological environment, and physical environment. An employee 360° view allows us to create the perfect combination to drive such business outcomes.

Same team, another industry

As former employees of the French unicorn Aircall, Chalom Malka (CEO), Anthony Tobelaim (CPO), and Dimitri Jorge Cabete (CTO) have the right track records required to overcome this challenge. They have experienced these changes as employees, adapted their management to match employee expectations, and have seen the same issues in several SMB businesses worldwide. With their combined experience, along with the Aircall founders (Olivier Pailhes, Jonathan Anguelov, Pierre-Baptiste Béchu, and Xavier Durand) and other key business angels (Pareto20, Founders Future, and more), their vision is supported by financing a large pre-seed round. The incredible trio is currently planning to hire a team of engineers to release the first version of the product to prepare SMBs to delight their employees.

What’s next?

In Q1 2022, the product will be tested by companies already targeted for this solution, and it doesn’t stop here. The founders have a lot of ideas to mix top-down and bottom-up strategies regarding engagement. Although their ambitious strategy will certainly reach amazing heights, the team will now focus on immediate execution to meet the demands for tomorrow.

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