How Siit Became Product of the Day on Product Hunt ?

June 12, 2023
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How Siit Became Product of the Day on Product Hunt ?
On May 31st, Siit had an exciting and successful launch on Product Hunt, we have been elected #1 Product of the Day! It was a fantastic opportunity to showcase our innovation and gain visibility in the tech community. In this article, we'll share our battle plan and provide insights into how we achieved this remarkable feat on Product Hunt.


What is Product Hunt? 🌟

Product Hunt is a popular platform where individuals and companies can discover and showcase new products. It's a community of tech enthusiasts, early adopters, investors, and journalists who eagerly explore innovative solutions and provide valuable feedback. Product Hunt offers a great opportunity for startups and businesses to gain exposure, gather feedback, and generate interest in their products.


About Siit's Launch πŸš€

Siit is an AI-powered employee service solution designed to deliver exceptional employee support. It offers modern ticketing, self-service, and automation, making it easier for teams like IT and HR to manage employee requests and keep everyone happy and productive. Our AI assistant, powered by GPT-4, suggests relevant articles from internal knowledge bases like Notion and Confluence directly through Slack and Teams, streamlining the resolution process.


Preparation and Execution πŸ’ͺ

We meticulously planned and executed our launch on Product Hunt. Our primary goal was to achieve the highest average of upvotes per hour throughout the day. Here's a breakdown of our meticulous battle plan, communication strategies, and the materials we prepared:

  1. Identifying the Hunter : We selected Alex Delivet as our designated Hunter, responsible for promoting the launch.
  2. Getting the Team on Product Hunt : Our entire Siit team actively participated on Product Hunt, associating themselves with the product and engaging with the community.
  3. Crafting the Communication Plan : We crafted a comprehensive communication plan, ensuring a coordinated and effective launch. We identified specific actions to be taken on different dates leading up to the launch.
  4. Preparing a Short description to Present the Product :We created a concise and engaging description of our AI-powered employee service solution to capture the attention of Product Hunt users.
  5. Writing First comments : To kickstart the conversation, our team wrote initial comment on Product Hunt. These reviews highlighted unique features and expressed gratitude to the Hunter for their support.
  6. Inviting People to Upvote : We crafted personalized emails in both French and English, inviting our users, partners & contacts to upvote and support our launch on Product Hunt.
  7. Leveraging Social Media :To expand our reach, we posted on social media like LinkedIn to announce and promote the launch. We encouraged our contacts to share the news.
  8. Partnering with Investors : We actively involved our investors in the launch, seeking their support and engagement during the campaign.
  9. Build momentum : To build momentum and create a sense of urgency, we set targets for upvotes and actively promoted these milestone along the day to encourage engagement.


Materials Created 🎨

We invested time and effort in creating various materials to support our launch:

  • A brand new video presenting Siit's AI-powered employee service solution.
  • Screenshots showcasing the product's features and user interface.
  • A Β "Coming Soon" page on Product hunt to tease on our launch.
  • Engaging LinkedIn posts, including GIFs, and countdown to the launch.
  • Updated LinkedIn banners & mail signature reflecting the Product Hunt launch.
  • Announcement emails to our users with impactful message.
  • Website banners and clear call-to-action (CTA) sections to drive visitors to our Product Hunt page.


The D-Day: A Day of Intensity and Team Dedication πŸ”₯

On Wednesday, May 31st, the highly anticipated launch day on Product Hunt arrived. Our Siit team was fully prepared for an intense day of engagement, and responsiveness. From the moment our product went live on Product Hunt, our team was fully focus on winning.

  • Intense Engagement :
    Our team closely monitored the Product Hunt page, promptly responding to every comment, question, and inquiry. We understood the importance of engaging with the community in real-time and providing valuable insights and information about our product.
  • Team Dedication :
    With a shared goal of making our launch a resounding success, our entire Siit team actively participated in the discussions. Each team member brought their expertise and passion to the table, ensuring that no comment or question went unanswered.


Results: Siit's Launch Triumph πŸ†

  • 1025 Upvotes: Our launch on Product Hunt garnered an impressive amount of upvotes from the community, demonstrating the high level of interest and engagement in our product.
  • 458 Comments: The launch generated 471 comments, showcasing the enthusiasm and curiosity of the community about Siit's AI-powered employee service solution.
  • 41 Positive Reviews: We received 41 positive reviews, affirming the value and impact of our product on its users.
  • +4529 Weekly Visits: The launch on Product Hunt led to a significant boost in website traffic, providing broader exposure to the Siit brand.
  • 76 New Activated Trials: The launch resulted in 76 new activated trials, indicating a strong conversion rate and potential for future customers.
  • +134 New LinkedIn Followers: Positive impact on Siit's LinkedIn followers, attracting an additional 134 followers.


These remarkable results validated our strategic approach, meticulous planning, and our team's dedication. The launch on Product Hunt not only generated buzz but also opened doors to new opportunities, partnerships, and customer acquisitions for Siit.

Thanks to our team's intense engagement, proactive responsiveness, and dedication. The impressive results in terms of upvotes, comments, reviews, website traffic, trials, followers demonstrated the effectiveness of our launch strategy. Β πŸ‘πŸŽ‰



Fun Fact: Heroku downtime the night before πŸ₯΅

During the night before our Product Hunt launch, Siit faced a significant downtime caused by Heroku issues. Our dedicated CTO, Dimitri, worked tirelessly until 2AM to fix the problem and release a new version. This challenging experience showcased our team's determination and commitment to delivering an exceptional product.


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