Halp is shutting down, migrate to Siit

May 5, 2023
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Halp is shutting down, migrate to Siit

Atlassian has announced that it is shutting down Halp. Customers have been asked to migrate. Atlassian has ended sales for new server licenses and will end support by June 2024. The best alternative is to migrate to Siit

Halp shutdown and migration

From May 9, 2023, Halp will no longer be available for new subscriptions. Features have now been integrated into Jira Service Management Cloud. 

Existing customers have up to June 4, 2024, to continue using Halp as an independent platform.  

If you are not interested in migrating, then you can continue using Halp until the expiry of your plan or by June 3, 2024. Atlassian is offering to migrate from Halp to Jira Service Management.

What are the advantages of using a Slack or Microsoft Teams ticketing system? 

A help desk and ticketing system directly integrating in Slack or Microsoft Teams is helping in collaboration and productivity. By integrating with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and other messaging platforms, allowing users to create and manage tickets directly from their chat conversations, employees don’t have to use another software. You meet employees where they already work. Help desk in Slack or Microsoft Teams also offers advanced features like machine learning-powered ticket routing and natural language processing to help automate and streamline ticket management. It removes the admin burden of long and complicated forms and provides and easy and human way of handling internal support. 

Overall, you are offering a way to help teams manage their internal support requests more efficiently. It will improve the communication and collaboration between internal support teams like HR, IT or operations teams and the internal customers they serve - employees - enabling them to resolve issues more quickly and effectively.

Why moving from Halp To Jira Service Management?

If you have chosen to use Halp instead of Jira Service Management, it is probably because you like the convenience of handling requests in Slack or Microsoft Teams and want to avoid the long, complex and clumsy setup of Jira Service Management.

The ease of Halp is convenient. Moreover, you are independent in the setup. By rebranding Halp as Atlassian Assist and migrating it as part of the feature bundle of JSM, you are losing these advantages. 


  • Discounted price:
    Atlassian is offering discounted prices if you are moving now - but hurry up.


  • Independence from Engineering team:
    You rely on the engineering team's feature set in Jira and require support from the Jira admin to manage your part.

  • Mixing tickets with other projects and queues:
    This one can be tricky for organization but also for security and compliance purposes.
  • Overgineered software for your need:
    Moving to a software not made for your uses, a provider that no longer wants you and lose the ease you liked in Halp.

Why moving from Halp to Siit is the best option? 

Siit is providing an easy internal help desk. The product has been designed for IT, HR and Revenue operations to help you streamlining requests from your existing communication channels like Slack, Microsoft Teams or emails.
You will benefit from all your Halp features but also from dedicated features to aim for operational excellence.  

  • Equipment view
  • Saas and licensing view and provisioning
  • Approvals 
  • Workflows to handle onboarding & offboarding
  • Self-service portal
  • Analytics and reportings
  • Roles and permissions views for better collaboration 
  • Article suggestions from any knowledge base
  • Natives integrations with Active Directories, HRIS, ATS

All in all, Siit is the best alternative to Halp. You will get your Halp features and add Siit features to increase operational efficiency and productivity. 

Moreover, there are no switching costs from Halp to Siit and we are offering special discounts :-) Try it now for free or book your personalized demo today!

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