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October 19, 2023
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Change is inevitable, especially in the tech world. Recently, the workplace operations platform atSpoke closed down operations, leaving many organizations and IT administrators in search of an alternative. Fortunately, there's a worthy successor on the horizon: Siit. In this article, we'll delve into why atSpoke is closing its doors, what Siit has to offer, and why it's the ideal choice for those seeking to continue their modern employee support experience.

The atSpoke Legacy

atSpoke was a pioneering platform that aimed to revolutionize employee support. It provided support teams with a centralized hub to manage employee requests efficiently, with the help of a friendly chatbot that responded to inquiries via Slack, web, email, and SMS. The platform emphasized a human touch and utilized integrations, automations, and AI to streamline conversational support.

Okta's Acquisition

Okta, a prominent player in identity governance and administration (IGA), made a strategic move by acquiring atSpoke. This acquisition was part of Okta's broader plan - announced at Oktane21 - to enhance its Identity Governance offering, aiming to modernize the identity governance experience for end users, business users, and IT administrators. While this acquisition aligns with Okta's strategy, it has raised concerns among atSpoke's existing customer base.

The Consequences for atSpoke Users

Okta's decision to embed integrations and automations within its core product and phase out atSpoke's ticketing part has left many existing atSpoke customers disappointed. These customers valued the employee support experience provided by atSpoke and are now on the lookout for alternatives to fill the void.

Meet Siit: The Continuation of atSpoke:

Siit, born in a different continent and with a similar vision, stands out as the natural successor to atSpoke's ticketing system. Siit is committed to building a modern, effective, and integrated Service Desk, empowering all internal teams to handle employee requests in a human-centric manner. It caters to IT, HR, Revenue Operations, and other teams, providing a secure platform for seamless collaboration.

AI-Powered Support with GPT4

Siit leverages AI, particularly GPT4, extensively across its platform. Whether it's triage, routing, or suggesting articles, conversational AI enhances the end-user experience, making it human, fast, and engaging. Employees can submit requests in their own words, in any language, and the AI will automatically identify the best resources or teams to address them.

Employee Support Features:

While atSpoke was primarily focused on chatbots and AI, Siit combines these technologies with advanced employee support features. It offers asset management, a business process builder, a knowledge base, self-service capabilities, and more. For instance, Siit enables you to trigger approvals from managers when handling requests, streamlining processes for various internal teams.

Siit - The Ideal Alternative:

In summary, Siit emerges as the best continuity and alternative to atSpoke. It combines the beloved features of atSpoke with additional functionalities to boost operational efficiency and productivity. Siit is committed to redefining employee support and invites you to try it for free or book a personalized demo today.

As the tech landscape continues to evolve, Siit ensures a smooth transition and an even better employee support experience for organizations seeking a reliable solution.

Say goodbye to atSpoke and embrace Siit for a seamless future in employee support.

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